Michael Clayton (2007)

Michael Clayton——-The truth is what he makes it.


George Clooney———-Michael Clayton
Tom Wilkinson———–Arthur Edens
Tilda Swinton————-Karen Crowder
Sydney Pollack———–Marty Bach
Robert Prescott———-Mr.Vern

Directed by Tony Gilroy
Written by Tony Gilroy

Michael Clayton is a fixer (He gets people in sticky legal situations unstuck) for a law firm. After a late night call for a hit and run, Michael’s life is turned upside down. There are brilliant moments throughout this movie. It is well acted and well written. I cannot say enough about such a great movie. Tom Wilkinson is absolutely amazing as a lawyer questioning his very existence. He is the highlight of this movie without question. Clooney carries the movie from beginning to end flawlessly. Sydney Pollack is well cast as Marty Bach and it would turn out to be his second to last movie before he died in 2008. Robert Prescott delivers a rather frightening Mr. Vern. Watch this movie it is a winner.

Production Budget: N/A

Box Office
Domestic: $49,033,882
WorldWide: $92,991,835

CC Rating: 10 out of 10

Screenplay: Screenplay is at Simply Scripts

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