The Debt (2010)

The Debt – Every secret comes with a price.

The Debt

Helen Mirren——————————Rachel Singer 1997
Tom Wilkinson—————————-Stephan Gold 1997
Ciaran Hinds——————————-David Peretz 1997
Jessica Chastain————————–Rachel Singer 1965
Marton Csokas—————————-Stephan Gold 1965
Sam Worthington————————David Peretz 1965
Jesper Christiansen———————-Dieter Vogel

Directed by John Madden.
Screenplay by Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman, and Peter Straughan.
“Ha-Hov” by Assaf Bernstein and Ido Rosenblum.

Strong movie in which a military team goes on a covert mission to apprehend a German man named Dieter Vogel (Christiansen). All three of the team must overcome overwhelming odds to complete their mission. After the mission is completed we join the group 32 years later and we find out that the mission they had completed years earlier did not go exactly as we were led to believe. Time has passed and we learn that all three have been carrying a burden we would not suspect. Helen Mirren gives us another excellent performance and we get a very good movie.

Runtime: 113 Minutes

Production Budget: $20,000,000

Box Office
Domestic: $31,177,548
Worldwide: $45,636,368

CC Rating: 9 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

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