Fast Five (2011)

Fast Five


Paul Walker—————————Brian O’Connor
Vin Diesel—————————–Dominic Toretto
Jordan Brewster———————Mia Toretto
Dwayne Johnson——————–Luke Hobbs
Joaquim al Meida——————-Herman Reyes
Chris Bridges————————-Tej Parker
Sung Kang—————————-Han
Tyrese Gibson———————–Roman Pearce
Matt Schulze————————-Vince

Directed by Justin Lin
Screenplay by Chris Morgan
Characters by Gary Scott Thompson

Fifth installment of this series is very good. Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and Brian O’Connor (Walker) are working together once again in order to secure enough cash to make sure they can live the rest of their lives financially free. Brian and the gang open the movie by breaking Dominic out of custody on his way to prison. For that, Brian is now a wanted fugitive and his days as a cop are over. He was angry that the Federal Officials lied and did not grant Dominic immunity as the deal in the previous movie went bad. They all flee to Brazil.

Luke Hobbs (Johnson) is given the files of both Brian and Dominic, he is simply a machine when it comes to chasing bad guys down. He doesn’t care if they are guilty or not, his job is to take them into custody. Like a bull in a china shop he tears Brazil to pieces looking for the two fugitives. Herman Reyes (Almeida) gives us a new bad guy to hate and he does a great job of it.

There are great chase scenes, fights, and action in this movie and it is well worth a watch. The story is actually very good in this movie and it helps enhance the action because you find yourself actually starting to care for the characters.

Runtime: 130 Minutes

Production Budget: $125,000,000

Box Office
Domestic: $209,837,675.
Worldwide: $626,137,675.

CC Rating: 8 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

Previous Directors Movies: Tokyo Drift, Fast and Furious.

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