Old Boy (2013)

Old Boy – Ask not why you were imprisoned, ask why were you set free.


Josh Brolin———————————————-Joe Doucett
Elizabeth Olsen—————————————–Marie Sebastian
Sharlto Copley—————————————–Adrian, The Stranger
Samuel L. Jackson————————————-Chaney
Michael Imperioli————————————–Chucky

Directed by Spike Lee
Screenplay by Mark Protosevich
Based on the Manga (Japanese Comics) by Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi.

Fantastic premise for a movie, Joe Doucett (Brolin) is locked away illegally for twenty years and then is released. For twenty years he has imagined his revenge and now he has to figure the mystery of who he needs to direct his vengeance toward. There are unique twists and turns that I found to be annoying more than ground breaking. It was set up with precision and the knock out punch fails. This movie fell flat for me but keep in mind that Josh Brolin’s performance is excellent.

Runtime: 104 Minutes

Production Budget: $30,000,000

Box Office
Domestic: $2,193,658
Worldwide: $4,861,022

CC Rating: 5 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

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