Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

Searching for Sugar Man


Sixto Rodriguez
Stephen “Sugar” Segerman
Mike Theodore
Willem Moller

Directed by Malik Bendjelloul
Written by Malik Bendjelloul
Article “Looking for Jesus” by Craig Bartholomew Strydom
Article “Sugar and the Sugar Man” by Stephen “Sugar” Segerman

Uplifting documentary about the search for a man who recorded two records in the early 1970′s. These two records did not sell very many copies in North America but his music became a cult following in South Africa. This movie is so unique and will leave you feeling in awe of a man who has lived his life in humble surroundings. All he needed to do was go to another part of this planet and he would have been revered as a king. We watch as a South African “Legend” is brought back from the dead and he winds up going on tour. The people in South Africa have heard rumours about Rodriguuez “suicide” but when the man takes the stage all of his fans are relieved those rumours have been proven false. The music by Rodriguez was compared to Bob Dylan at the time (early 1970′s) I have listened to both albums and although I am no music expert I thought both albums were very good.

Runtime: 86 Minutes

Production Budget: $N/A

Box Office
Domestic: $3,696,196
Worldwide: $3,696,196

CC Rating: 9 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

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