How Do You Know (2010)

How Do You Know

How Do You Know
Reese Witherspoon—————————-Lisa
Paul Rudd—————————————George
Owen Wilson————————————Matty
Jack Nicholson———————————Charles
Kathryn Hahn———————————–Annie

Directed by James L. Brooks.
Screenplay by James L. Brooks.

James L. Brooks has written and directed many fine films that I watch today and still enjoy. In this movie, he runs the gambit of emotions on relationships. Lisa (Witherspoon) has recently been let go by the National Softball Team and has to start dealing with the life which has been focused on softball up until now. George  (Rudd) has recently been indicted on security exchange related charges. Matty (Wilson) is a baseball player playboy that needs a few more decades to grow up. Together these three form a curious love triangle which leaves Lisa wondering “How do you know?” (which guy is right for her). Charles (Nicholson) is not your average father figure but George doesn’t get to choose his father. There are some fun moments in this movie. The performances all around are very good and James L. Brooks delivers another movie worth watching.

Runtime: 121 Minutes

Production Budget: $120,000,000

Box Office
Domestic: $30,212,620
Worldwide: $48,668,907

CC Rating: 7 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

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