Girl 27 (2007)

Girl 27


Patricia Douglas
David Stenn

Directed by David Stenn
Written by David Stenn

Compelling story of how MGM sent out a call sheet to 100 women for a movie shoot. when the women get there it is a massive party for all the sales executives from around North America. The story focuses on Patricia Douglas who was raped at the party and went to the police after. The controversy did not end at the rape, the ensuing cover up and character attack was far worse than anyone could imagine. One witness was provided a lifetime job at MGM to change his testimony and Patricia Douglas was hung out to dry. This movie paints a picture of MGM as a company that owned the city and was above the law. Patricia Douglas showed incredible courage by coming forward but the damage to her reputation and personal life afterwards leaves you confused. How does a victim of crime get such reprehensible treatment? The story is excellent but this documentary is a bit choppy, I found myself feeling sorry for Patricia Douglas’s daughter whose relationship has been strained for years.

Runtime: 99 Minutes

Production Budget: $N/A

Box Office
Domestic: N/A
Worldwide: N/A

CC Rating: 6 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

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