Food Inc. (2008)

Food Inc. – Hungry For Change?

food inc.

Directed by Robert Kenner
Written by Robert Kenner, Elise Pearlstein, Kim Roberts

Eye opening documentary, that delves into the process of how food is being delivered to the people. From farmers, meat producers, and genetically modified crops society needs to understand what they are eating. This movie is disturbing in many different ways. We see how these huge conglomerates will crush people that stand in their way through never ending legal battles. We see chickens that grow so fast they are incapable of carrying their own weight for more than a few steps. For those of you that don’t like to see cruelty to animals there are a few scenes that you will want to turn away, but for the most part this movie will hopefully get you thinking about the food you are eating. This is a powerful movie that you should watch.
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Production Budget: N/A

Box Office
Domestic: $4,417,674
Worldwide: $4,606,199

CC Rating: 8 out of 10

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