Soul Surfer (2011)

Soul Surfer – When you come back from a loss, beat the odds, and never say never, you find a champion.

Soul Surfer

AnnaSophia Robb—————————-Bethany Hamilton
Helen Hunt————————————Cheri Hamilton
Dennis Quaid———————————-Tom Hamilton
Lorraine Nicholson————————–Alana Blanchard
Kevin Sorbo———————————-Holt Blanchard
Craig T. Nelson——————————-Dr. David Rovinsky
Carrie Underwood—————————Sarah Hill
Sonya Balmores——————————Malina Birch

Directed by Sean McNamara.
Screenplay by Sean McNamara, and many others.
Based on the Book by Bethany Hamilton, Sheryl Berk, and Rich Bundschuch.

Uplifting movie about a family in Hawaii who all love to surf. They have a strong family bond that includes a strong faith in God. The family is forced to deal with loss when Bethany Hamilton (Robb) is atacked by a shark and loses her arm.

Her friends and family have a tough time adjusting to Bethany because they are not sure whether to help her or let her solve her own problems. This is shown poignantly when Bethany first gets home and they are making sandwiches. Bethany struggles cutting tomatoes, opening containers, and getting bread each time another family member does the task for her. Later, we see Bethany make the family breakfast and that is when she tells the family that it is time for her to get back surfing.

This brings joy to the whole family because surfing has always been part of the whole family and this is where Bethany’s inspiring journey begins. We watch her struggle to get up onto the board with each wave and how she can’t duck under any waves. Her trials and tribulations have her at odds with her faith wondering what God has planned for her. Sarah Hill (Underwood) is there for Bethany but can’t provide the answers she is looking for.

This is a very good movie with strong performances all around. Kevin Sorbo actually does a very good job as Holt Blanchard who helped get Bethany to the hospital after the attack. Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt are fantastic as her parents and Craig T. Nelson delivers a strong performance as Dr. Rovinsky. It is AnnaSophia Robb that surprised me the most her performance was incredible from beginning to end. I was most impressed when her best friend finally came to visit and she sits up, looks her friend in the eye and asks “So, how have you been?” She cuts through the small talk and gets to the heart of the matter and that is what she brings to this movie………heart.

Well worth the watch.

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Runtime: 106 Minutes

Production Budget: $18,000,000.00

Box Office
Domestic: $43,853,424.00
Worldwide: $47,088,990.00

CC Rating: 8 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

Directors’ Previous Movies: Raise Your Voice, Bratz.

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