Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar – Mankind’s next step will be our greatest.


Mathew McConaughey——————————————–Cooper
Anne Hathaway—————————————————-Brand
Michael Caine——————————————————Professor Brand
Jessica Chastain—————————————————Murphy
John Lithgow——————————————————Donald
Wes Bentley——————————————————–Doyle
David Gyasi——————————————————–Romilly
Bill Irwin———————————————————–TARS (voice)
Casey Affleck——————————————————Tom
Matt Damon——————————————————-Dr. Mann
Topher Grace—————————————————–Getty

Directed by Christopher Nolan
Screenplay by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan

This three hour epic from writer/director Christopher Nolan takes us on a journey in search of inhabitable planets for mankind to move to. Crops are dying on Earth and the types of crops that will grow are fewer and fewer. Cooper (McConaughey) worked for NASA as a pilot and has now become a farmer. He is technically proficient with all types of equipment and literally takes over the controls of  a drone while chasing it.

His daughter Murphy is very close to Cooper and the two discuss all matters respectfully. When Murphy talks about her ghost, Cooper becomes dismissive and catches himself, he then tells Murphy how she must gather facts, analyze them, and then present her conclusions.

Through some analyzing of facts Cooper is drawn to the new NASA which is operating without the public’s knowledge. Professor Brand (Caine) has developed two plans to save humanity. Twelve planets were investigated and three show true promise as the new home for humanity. Cooper being the only pilot left is asked to fly the mission. This mission requires them to travel through a worm hole and investigate another galaxy.

The story is masterfully crafted by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan. The special effects are brilliant and the performances are incredible all around. I have watched this movie three times in the theater. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it.

For those of you that aren’t avid movie goers, you may not like the three hour commitment and the science involved in this movie. You may want to wait for Blu-ray instead.

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Runtime: 169 Minutes

Production Budget: $165,000,000.

Box Office
Domestic: Not Finished Run Yet.
Worldwide: Not Finished Run Yet.

CC Rating: 10 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

Directors’ Previous Movies: The Prestige, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception

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