The Gift (2015)

The Gift – The sins of the past will become your present.


Jason Bateman——————————————————————-Simon
Rebecca Hall———————————————————————-Robyn
Joel Edgerton———————————————————————Gordon
Allison Tolman——————————————————————-Lucy
Busy Philipps———————————————————————-Duffy
Tim Griffin————————————————————————-Kevin Keelor

Directed by Joel Edgerton.
Screenplay by Joel Edgerton.

This is the story of a young couple who have moved from Chicago to California. Simon (Bateman) and Robyn (Hall) are looking at a new home when the movie begins. They move in to the house and as they are buying some furniture a man approaches Simon. Gordon (Edgerton) introduces himself but it turns out they went to school together when they were kids. Robyn shows Gordon some true hospitality and he in turn leaves them a gift.

There are a series of events that lead to Gordon having dinner with couple. It is during dinner that he states “I believe the bad things in life can become a gift”. Simon has reservations about allowing this guy in their lives and he is currently trying to land a big promotion. We find out Robyn, Simon, and Gordon all have something in their pasts they would like to hide. We are taken on a psychological roller coaster that changes the lives of everyone involved.

I am not a fan of thrillers in general, but I was drawn into this movie and I liked the concept. Jason Bateman shows once again that he can be taken seriously as a dramatic actor. Joel Edgerton who wrote, acted, and directed in this film shows off a multitude of talent in one outing. The story that he created keeps you on edge for the entirety of the film and that is not easy to do. It was not obvious where the story was going and that is very refreshing to see on screen. This film had a small budget in Hollywood terms but this film packs a punch.

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Runtime: 108 Minutes

Production Budget: $5,000,000.

Box Office
Domestic: Not Finished Run Yet.
Worldwide: Not Finished Run Yet.

CC Rating: 7 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

Directors’ Previous Movies: This is his first feature film. He has directed two short films: Monkeys (2011) The List (2008).

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