Spectre (2015)



Daniel Craig——————————————————————————————James Bond
Christoph Waltz————————————————————————————-Blofeld
Lea Seydoux—————————————————————————————–Madeleine Swann
Ralph Fiennes—————————————————————————————M
Ben Whishaw—————————————————————————————-Q
Andrew Scott—————————————————————————————-C
Monica Bellucci————————————————————————————-Lucia Sciarra
Naomie Harris—————————————————————————————Eve Moneypenny
Dave Bautista—————————————————————————————-Mr. Hinx
Jesper Christensen———————————————————————————-Mr. White

Directed by Sam Mendes.
Screenplay by John Logan, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and Jez Butterworth.
Story by John Logan, Neal Purvis, and Robert Wade.
Characters by Ian Fleming.

James Bond (Craig) starts this movie in Mexico where he spoils somebody’s plan. It is an excellent action sequence to start the movie which prepares us for the rest of the film. We find out that he is following orders and he has a bigger job to do. M (Fiennes) is fighting to keep the “Double O” program alive in the face of a new information based spy agency that is spying on everyone, including the people in the “Double O” program. Bond is forced to stand down from orders above all their heads, but Bond is not good at taking orders.

He follows the clues to the “Pale Man” whom we have seen before, but things are not as they seem. As the clues unfold, Bond is drawn to a secret organization called “Spectre”. Madeleine Swann (Seydoux) does not need Bond’s protection but he insists and in the process draws her enemies to her. Blofeld (Waltz) has been after Bond for years, but has stayed just out of reach. Mr. Hinx (Bautista) is also chasing Bond, and their fight scene is a highlight of the film.

This is the fourth Daniel Craig Bond movie and it maybe his last. I find myself in the same place when Pierce Brosnan had finished his fourth film, I wanted a fifth movie, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I hope we get one more movie with Craig, because these last four movies have been great. This movie gives us the classic Bond beginning and feel throughout the film, which I think worked to perfection. If you want a fun night out go see this entertaining movie.

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Runtime: 148 Minutes

Production Budget: $245,000,000.

Box Office
Domestic: Not Finished Run Yet.
Worldwide: Not Finished Run Yet.

CC Rating: 10 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

Directors’ Previous Movies: Skyfall, Road to Perdition, American Beauty.

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