Point Break (2015)

Point Break – Crime has no limit.


Edgar Ramirez—————————————————————————————-Bhodi
Luke Bracey——————————————————————————————-Johnny Utah
Ray Winstone—————————————————————————————–Papas
Delroy Lindo——————————————————————————————Hall
Matias Varela—————————————————————————————–Grommet
Clemens Schick—————————————————————————————Roach
Teresa Palmer—————————————————————————————-Samsara

Directed by Ericson Core.
Screenplay by Kurt Wimmer.
Story by Rick King, W. Peter Iliff, and Kurt Wimmer.
1991 Screenplay by W. Peter Iliff.
1991 Story by W. Peter Iliff and Rick King.

Point Break is a remake of the 1991 movie with the same title. Utah (Bracey) is an extreme athlete that watches a close friend die doing what they loved. This incident gets Utah to quit extreme sports and join the FBI. He is in denial and his boss Hall (Lindo) questions him on it.

There was a daring robbery where some men on motorcycles robbed a building that had millions in diamonds. to escape the one hundred story building they drove their bikes through the windows and then parachuted safely to the ground below. A little while later the same three individuals rob a plane by pushing two enormous crates out the back of the plane while in mid flight. They then jump out and open the crates in free fall. The money rained down on a poor Mexican town.

Utah convinces the FBI that the group responsible for these heists are extreme athletes that are trying to complete the Osaki Eight. Named after an Eco-Warrior Ono Osaki who created eight challenges that honour nature. Utah figures that the next challenge will be the 100 foot waves off the coast of France. When he arrives he sees Samsara (Palmer) surfing a massive wave. When Utah makes his attempt Bhodi (Ramirez) tries at the same time, neither of them would back down. It is this event that gets Utah close to the group responsible for the robberies.

Utah is drawn into the group and loves the lifestyle but he is an FBI agent who has a job to do. This is the same conflict that Utah suffers during the original movie.

This film is more like a Warren Miller highlight reel (extreme skiing and surfing director) than an actual movie. The shots are impressive but the story seems to fall apart everywhere else. I was impressed with Edgar Ramirez’s performance which was the best part of this movie. Luke Bracey was good but I felt he missed the mark. Delroy Lindo, Ray Winstone, and Teresa Palmer were all wasted in this movie. The character of Samsara could have lifted this movie to another level but, instead we are left with a poorly executed twist in the story.

During the movie Hot Fuzz Nick Frost asks Simon Pegg if he ever laid on the ground, fired his gun in the air and screamed ahhhhh! This is because he is enthralled with (1991) Point Break where Keanu Reeves is unable to shoot Patrick Swayze. Well (Massive Spoiler Alert) you fans of the original movie won’t be disappointed Utah does that in this film too.

If you are into extreme sports you will be thrilled by most of the action and you might want to give this movie a watch. There is a good underlying theme to this movie about honouring Earth and taking care of nature, but that is not enough for you to go see this film.

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Runtime: 113 Minutes

Production Budget: $105,000,000.

Box Office
Domestic: Not Finished Run Yet.
Worldwide: Not Finished Run Yet.

CC Rating: 4 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

Directors’ Previous Movies: Invincible

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