Takers (2010)

Takers – Everyone’s after something.


Idras Elba———————–Gordon Cozier
Matt Dillion———————Jack Welles
Michael Ealy——————–Jake Attica
Chris Brown———————Jesse Attica
Paul Walker———————John Rahway
Zoe Saldana———————Lilly
Hayden Christensen———–A.J.

Directed by John Luessenhop
Written by Peter Allen, Gabriel Casseus, more

I was impressed with the effort given in this movie. The story is well thought out with good twists and turns. I am always a fan of robbery movies and this 2010 movie delivers. Gordon Cozier sums it up when the crew is deciding on whether or not to do a job. He says “We’re takers gentlemen, that’s what we do…..we take.” The opening sequence shows the bold moves this crew is willing to perform in order to execute a robbery. There is a very good chase scene with Chris Brown and Matt Dillon shines as a cop who is on the job at all times, even when his little girl is with him. Hayden Christensen gives a surprisingly good performance as A.J. and I have to admit I was impressed. Paul Walker is surprisingly good as John Rahway and the supporting cast delivers with equal precision. This was a fun ride.

Production Budget: $32,000,000

Box Office
Domestic: $57,744,720
Worldwide: $69,055,695

CC Rating: 8 out of 10

Screenplay: I could not find the screenplay.

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