Confine (2013)

Confine – After hiding away for years, now all she wants to do is escape……


Daisy Lowe——————————Pippa
Eliza Bennett—————————-Kayleigh
Alfie Allen——————————-Henry
Adam Leese—————————–Brian
Richard Wellings-Thomas————Neil

Directed by Tobias Tobbell
Written by Tobias Tobbell

A very impressive film with three great performances. Pippa (Daisy Lowe) is a recluse who is about to get a few unscheduled visitors. She has facial scarring from a car accident that ended her modeling career; the scars on her face are a visual for the scarring on her spirit as well. Kayleigh (Eliza Bennett) enters Pippa’s home and our main character begins her amazing transformation from victim to victor. Henry (Alfie Allen) enters the apartment and underestimates Kayleigh, which leaves him tied up and in serious trouble. I love the final shot of this movie, it is brilliant. Both actresses give excellent performances and it is nice to see a story with strong female leads. Daisy Lowe delivers an incredible character arch that is inspiring and Eliza Bennett is outstanding as our antagonist. The story is well thought out and delivered admirably by director Tobias Tobbell. The characters’ back story, development, and arch are all written brilliantly and I look forward to watching the next project by this director.

Production Budget: N/a

CC Rating: 9 out of 10

Screenplay:  I could not find the screenplay

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