The Dark Knight Returns Pts 1+2 (2012 + 2013)

The Dark Knight Returns – The last fight begins.



Peter Weller————————————Batman/Bruce Wayne
Ariel Winter————————————Robin/Carrie Kelley
David Selby————————————-Commissioner Gordon
Wade Williams———————————-Harvey Dent
Mark Valley————————————Superman/Clark Kent
Michael Emerson——————————Joker

Directed by Jay Oliva
Written by Frank Miller + others.
Based on the characters created by Bob Kane

I had my doubts about this type of animation but found myself getting into the characters despite the lower grade animation (this is not on the same level as Pixar). Batman comes back to take on a new gang which is terrifying Gotham City. He fights the mutant leader in an epic battle and this leads us to part two of this mini series. Joker enters as our main protagonist in part two and his character is beyond evil. He kills innocent people like you or I change our socks. Both of these movies are great efforts but for me they fell a little flat. These were DC Universe Animated Original Movie releases so there were no box office numbers to report. I am well aware that these two movies were released in different years but I will only do one review.

CC Rating: 6 out of 10

Screenplay:  I could not find the screenplay