The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

The Mortal Instruments – You have been chosen.


Lily Collins—————————–Clary
Jamie Campbell Bower—————Jace

Directed by Harald Zwart
Screenplay by Jessica Postigo
Based on the Novel by Cassandra Clare

This movie had potential and with every painful minute that potential died. I found myself looking around the theater in an attempt to avoid the screen. At one point the two half witted characters listed above go to a garden at midnight, where at the stroke of midnight all the plants light up, it starts to rain and we get a magical love scene (I needed a barf bag). I looked to my friend and she wiped what I thought was  a tear from her eye and I swear to God I was going to slap her upside the head if she was crying. Then I saw she was laughing and lucky for me I avoided the assault charges. This is two hours of my life I am not getting back.

Runtime: 130 Minutes

Production Budget: $60,000,000

Box Office
Domestic: $31,165,421
Worldwide: $80,165,421

CC Rating: 2 out of 10

Screenplay: I did not try to find the screenplay.

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